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Call4Fish was set up in direct response to Covid19, to enable people to buy safely and to help UK fishermen and local traders. Back in March, we were experiencing a situation unmatched by anything that we had known and nobody knew what the future held. The fishing industry was in desperate trouble, with many fishermen and their families finding themselves outside Government support measures. 

A small group of us decided to see what could be done to help. Call4Fish was the result. From a modest local scheme set up almost overnight within weeks Call4Fish became a national service supporting fishermen and businesses across England and beyond. We have been bowled over by the public’s reaction. Special thanks go to Seafarers UK, the Fishmongers’ Company and Plymouth City Council who provided vital backing when it was desperately needed and have shown unstinting faith in the project. We would also like to thank the many fishermen who, throughout the pandemic, have set aside their personal safety in the interests of bringing in vital fresh food supplies. 

Although restrictions have eased since those early days, Covid19 remains a threat and it seems that almost weekly we face new uncertainties. Shopping habitats and the way in which all of us live and work have changed probably forever. We are alive to these changes and Call4fish continues to adapt in response, but our goal of helping you to be able to buy high quality fresh fish caught by British fishermen remains unchanged. 

You will be amazed at the variety of fish available in British waters. Be adventurous, try something new and when ordering ask for British caught fish. You will be able to enjoy some of the best fish in the world. You will also be helping to sustain small scale fishing businesses and you will be helping the environment by buying locally sourced fish. 

Thank you and stay safe.